Dead Horse Point

Dead Horse Point State Park

Dead Horse Point

Summary of our trip experience

We spent 2 nights at Dead Horse Point State Park in the spring of 2014.  I recommend a visit to Dead Horse Point for hiking, mountain biking and great views overlooking the canyon.  We had a nice campsite and had a great time.  Keep reading below for our recommend itineraries and advice on planning your trip.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through our Contact Page.

Recommended Itineraries

Below are 3 Day and 1 Day recommended itineraries for your visit to Dead Horse Point, based on my family’s visit to the State Park.

3 Day Itinerary

There are Mountain Bike Trails in the park, so I have split the 3 Day Itinerary up between some Mountain Biking and Hiking.  If you don’t bike, then I would spend some extra time on the trail at the overlooks.  You could also drive up to Canyon Lands National Park for a day.

Day 1

  1. Hike Big Horn Overlook Trail
    • This is an out and back trail with steep drop offs into the canyon
  2. Mountain Bike the East Intrepid Mountain Bike Trails – Intrepid, Great Pyramid, Big Chief, Raven Roll
    • Be sure to stop and check out some of the overlooks.  There spots to park a bike at some of them.
    • Secondly, depending on how avid of a mountain biker you are; you can ride the entire Intrepid system in one shot.

Day 2

  1. Hike the full loop connecting the East and West Rim Trails
    • Again, there are many steep drop offs into the canyon

Day 3

  1. Watch the sun rise from the Dead Horse Point Overlook
  2. Mountain Bike the West Intrepid Mountain Bike Trails – Prickley Pair, Whip Tail, Twisted Tree

If you have additional days or time, add this:

  1. Spend more time on the bike trails.
    • I believe they are ridable both directions.
  2. Spend more time at the overlooks as there really are some amazing views.

If You Only Have 1 Day

Option 1 – Mountain Bikers

  1. Bike the entire Intrepid Trail System
  2. Hike around the Dead Horse Point Overlook at the end of the park

Option 2 – Hikers

  1. Hike the full loop connecting the East and West Rim Trails
    • Add in the Big Horn Overlook Trail if you have the legs for additional miles

Option 3 – Drive in site seeing

  1. You’ll spend a majority of your time at Dead Horse Point Overlook at the end of the park, but be sure to stop at the Visitor Center Overlook also

General Advice

Bring in your own water, as there is not any running water on site.  Last I knew they were trucking water in to the visitor center daily.  If you are camping, fill up your water before driving up to the park.  Be careful of the ledges as the trails pass right along the steep canyon drop offs.  The temperatures cool off fast in the evenings.  Sundown can catch you off guard in the evening as well.  There is no forest, so daylight is plentiful, but disappears quick as the sun sets over the canyon.


My kids biked the Intrepid, Great Pyramid and Raven Roll portion of the East Intrepid Mountain Bike Trails with my youngest only being 4 years old and riding a 16″ bike from Walmart, so the trails are very rideable for kids.  As far as hiking, do NOT let your kids hike out in front of you as the trails run right up to the edge of the canyons.  We hiked with our kids out to Rim Overlook and Big Horn Overlook, but again…  Do NOT let them hike out in front of you.  I recommend keeping them close by.

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There is a campground for camping

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