Trip Itineraries

These are trip itineraries for trips that we have actually taken either during the spring break season or over the week of Thanksgiving.  You can use them as a template to plan your next trip or just outright copy the same trip.  We had a blast on each and every one of them, creating long lasting family memories while seeing some great places.  I have kept them high level at this point and am looking for some feedback.  I intend to come back to add some more detail on good places to stop along the way and things to see and do each day.

Let me know if you think more of these would be helpful and what kind of details you would like to see included in the future.  I will do my best to accommodate.  You can leave a comment on my Facebook page or use my Contact page.  Thanks and I hope you find these useful.

Illinois to Texas

Illinois to Arkansas

Michigan – Georgia

Minnesota to Utah

Minnesota to Missouri

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