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Roaring River State Park Trip Report

We try and break up our week long vacations with a weekend destination on the way home sometimes.  It breaks up the trip and lets us have additional experiences.  I was new to trout fishing and Roaring River State Park was a good place to go enjoy trout fishing as a beginner.

Day 1 At Roaring River State Park

Arriving At Roaring River Just In Time To Catch Dinner

We had spent the previous 5 nights at Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas and were packed up first thing in the morning to spend a few days at Roaring River State Park to try our hand at some Trout Fishing for a couple days before making our way back home from our spring camping trip.  We took a more scenic route through the hills to catch some of the Arkansas scenery and found ourselves winding up and down some pretty steep grades with the Jeep and travel trailer in tow.  We arrived at Roaring River just in time for me to do a little trout fishing before dark.  We had a campsite near the wading stream, so I went in with my fly rod and was able to catch a nice little trout for dinner!

Day 2 At Roaring River State Park

More Trout Fishing And A Trolley Ride

roaring river state park

I got my fly rod out first thing in the morning before Lynn and the kids got up and around.  I went down to the no wading section of the river and caught a nice trout out of one of the holes.  As much as I would have enjoyed fishing all day, I wanted to spend some time with Lynn and the boys, so I headed back to the camper to make some plans for the rest of the day.

We packed up and headed into the town of Cassville, Missouri to take the boys on a trolley ride.  They had a riot!  The trolley was like a train ride for them.  Of course Reid was only 9 months old, but Kyle was one happy kid.  We walked around the town a little bit and then found a little pub to grab some lunch before heading back to the campground.

roaring river state park

When we got back to camp, we all went down to the family fishing area to let Kyle try some fishing.  We didn’t catch anything, but Kyle had a good time fishing with Dad regardless.  Afterwards, we walked around the trout rearing pools, so Kyle could see all the trout.  He thought that was pretty cool and just kept pointing at all the fish.  We capped off the evening with a nice campfire and prepared to head home in the morning.

Day 3 At Roaring River

Packing Up

We left Roaring River State Park in the early morning and made our way back home to central Illinois.  We had a fantastic trip.  This was a great stop on the way home from Petit Jean and I do wish that I had an extra day here, but it was worth stopping in for just a couple nights anyways.

Closing Thoughts On Roaring River State Park

Roaring River was a nice little trout fishing park.  The streams are all stocked with trout.  There are various sections to break the streams up between wading sections, no wading, family area and fly rod only.  I really enjoyed it as I was (and still am) a beginner when it come to trout fishing.  The campground itself was nothing special, but it was a good place for a beginner to do some trout fishing.