Fishing Kayaks

Kayak Fishing has grown quite a bit over the past 10 years with many manufactures coming out with fishing specific Kayaks.  I do not own a fishing specific Kayak as I wanted something a bit more.  I have been following kayak fishing for quite some time though and enjoy it myself.  I use to get out fishing on my kayak much more often, but tend to use a canoe, so I can take my boys with me.  That being said, I have some good knowledge for you when it comes to Kayak Fishing.

Kayak Types

First of all there are 2 types of kayaks…  Sit-In or Sit-On-Top.

What Makes A Kayak, Fishing Specific?

This can mean anything from a couple of molded in rod holders to all out tackle and rod storage with a cockpit ready for depth finders and all sorts of goodies.  Fishing specific kayaks also tend to be a little wider and more stable than a traditional kayak.

Manufactures of Fishing Specific Kayaks

A few of these manufactures simply have added some rod holders, while others have purpose designed and built kayaks for fishing specifically.

EddylineCaribbean 12 Angler12’30”45 lbs300 lbsSit On1 Person$1,649.00
EddylineCaribbean 14 Angler14’29”50 lbs400 lbsSit On1 Person$1,899.00
EddylineC-13513’6”34”69 lbs450 lbsSit On1 Person$2,199.00
EddylineC-135 YakAttack Edition13’6”34”69 lbs450 lbsSit On1 Person$2,599.00
ElieCoast 120 XE Angler12’30”59 lbs350 lbsSit On1 Person
Emotion KayaksGlide Sport Angler9’8”29”37 lbs275 lbsSit In1 Person
Emotion KayaksGuster Angler10’30”49 lbs275 lbsSit In1 Person
Emotion KayaksRenegade XT10’36”49 lbs325 lbsSit On1 Person
Emotion KayaksStealth 10 Angler10”3”30”51 lbs275 lbsSit On1 Person
Emotion KayaksStealth 11 Angler11’30”59 lbs300 lbsSit On1 Person
HobieMirage Pro Angler 1212’36”129.5 lbs500 lbsSit On1 Person
HobieMirage Pro Angler 1413’8”38”145.5 lbs600 lbsSit On1 Person
HobieMirage Pro Angler 1717’43.5”244 lbs900 lbsSit OnTandem
LifetimeSport Fisher10’36”60 lbs500 lbsSit OnTandem
LifetimeTamarack Angler12”31”52 lbs275 lbsSit On1 Person
LifetimeWeber 13211’30”59 lbs300 lbsSit On1 Person
LifetimePayette Angler9’8”30”44 lbs250 lbsSit In1 Person
NativeManta Ray Angler 1212’2”30”64 lbs325 lbsSit On1 Person
NativeManta Ray 1414’7”28”69 lbs375 lbsSit On1 Person
NativeVersa Board Anger12’3”33”55 lbs300 lbsSit On1 Person
NativeSlayer Propel 1010’34”59 lbs400 lbsSit On1 Person
NativeSlayer Propel 1313’2”33”85 lbs400 lbsSit On1 Person
NativeSlayer 1212’31”65 lbs400 lbsSit On1 Person
NativeSlayer 14.514’6”30”70 lbs450 lbsSit On1 Person
NativeUltimate FX Propel 1313’6”32.5”79 lbs400 lbsSit In1 Person
Ocean KayakTrident Ultra 4.314’1”29.1”68 lbs325 lbsSit On1 Person$1,499.99
Ocean KayakTrident Ultra 4.715’5”29.1”87 lbs400 lbsSit On1 Person$1,899.99
Ocean KayakTrident Angler 1111’5”30.5”56 lbs350 lbsSit On1 Person$999.99
Ocean KayakTrident 13 Angler13’6”29.5”67 lbs425 lbsSit On1 Person$1,099.99
Ocean KayakTrident 15 Angler15’7”29”70 lbs500 lbsSit On1 Person$1,199.99
Ocean KayakProwler 13 Angler13’4”28”56 lbs400 lbsSit On1 Person$899.99
Ocean KayakProwler Big Game II12’9”34”70 lbs550 lbsSit On1 Person$1,299.99
Ocean KayakMalibu Two XL Angler13’4”34”74 lbs450 lbsSit OnTandem$1,099.99
Ocean KayakTetra 10 Angler10’8”29.5”50 lbs225 lbsSit On1 Person$849.99
Ocean KayakTetra 12 Angler12’1”28”56 lbs300 lbsSit On1 Person$949.99
Ocean KayakCaper Angler11’31”47 lbs275 lbsSit On1 Person$749.99
Old TownPredator MX12’34”82 lbs375 lbsSit On1 Person$1,2999.99
Old TownPredator XL13’2”36”92 lbs600 lbsSit On1 Person$1,799.99
Old TownPredator 1313’2”33.5”86 lbs400 lbsSit On1 Person$1,399.99
Old TownLoon 106 Angler10’6”31”54 lbs325 lbsSit In1 Person$999.99
Old Town12’6”31”57 lbs450 lbsSit In1 Person$1,099.99
Old TownVapor 10 Angler10’28.8”49 lbs275 lbsSit In1 Person$499.99
Old TownVapor 12 Angler12’28.5”56 lbs325 lbsSit In1 Person$649.99
Old TownTwin Heron Angler13’6”31.5”62 lbs450 lbsSit InTandem$899.99
PelicanEnforcer 120X Angler12’30”67 lbs350 lbsSit On1 Person
PelicanIntrepid 120X Angler12’29”52 lbs375 lbsSit In1 Person
PelicanStrike 120X Angler12’30”59 lbs350 lbsSit On1 Person
PelicanIntrepid 100X Angler10’29”39 lbs300 lbsSit In1 Person
PelicanCatch 12011’8”34”69 lbs400 lbsSit On1 Person
PelicanBounty 100X Angler10’28”36 lbs275 lbsSit In1 Person
PelicanStrike 100X Angler10’30.5”53 lbs325 lbsSit On1 Person
PerceptionPrescador 10.0 Angler10’29”57 lbs325 lbsSit On1 Person$629.00
PerceptionPrescador 12.0 Angler12’28”65 lbs350 lbsSit On1 Person$729.00
PerceptionPrescador Pro 10010’6”32”57 lbs325 lbsSit On1 Person$729.00
PerceptionPrescador Pro 12012’32.5”64 lbs375 lbsSit On1 Person$829.00
PerceptionSound 10.5 Angler10’6”29.5”51 lbs335 lbsSit In1 Person$549.00
PerceptionSound 12.5 Angler12’6”28.5”57 lbs375 lbsSit In1 Person$649.00
PerceptionStriker 11.511’6”33”65 lbs500 lbsSit On1 Person$609.00
RiotQuest 10 Angler10’30”54 lbs350 lbsSit In1 Person
RiotEdge 11 Angler10’10”27.5”53 lbs275 lbsSit In1 Person
RiotEnduro 12 Angler11’9”27.2”60 lbs350 lbsSit In1 Person
RiotEscape 12 Angler12’30.7”68 lbs300 lbsSit On1 Person
Santa CruzRaptor Sit On Top13’34”66 lbs360 lbsSit On1 Person$1,050.00
Santa CruzRaptor Sit Inside13’34”62 lbs310 lbsSit In1 Person
Wilderness SystemsAtak 14013’1”34”86 lbs550 lbsSit On1 Person$1,799.00
Wilderness SystemsCommander 120 Angler12’30.25”66 lbs400 lbsSit In1 Person$1,189.00
Wilderness SystemsCommander 140 Angler14’31”70 lbs475 lbsSit In1 Person$1,289.00
Wilderness SystemsPungo 120 Angler12’29”51 lbs325 lbsSit In1 Person$1,079.00
Wilderness SystemsPungo 140 Angler14’28”60 lbs350 lbsSit In1 Person$1,179.00