Wilson Lake

Wilson State Park Campground Review

Wilson Lake

Review of Wilson State Park in Harrison, Michigan

July 2013 – 4 Nights


The camping loops are surrounded by tall trees that provide nice shade in the summer.  There is not really a view of the lake from the campsites themselves, even though the lake is very close.  The campground does also sit along the main road, so you can hear the traffic depending on what campsite you are in.  The park also has a few small rolling hills.

Campsite Spacing

There is not really any spacing between campsites.  The campsites are right next to each other and typically share electrical posts with the neighboring campsites.

Campsite Quality

Fire pits are great.  They have a nice barrier around them and sit up tall to prevent kids from falling in the fire.  Each site also has a picnic table.  Many sites were dirt, but some did have scattered grass.  The sites themselves were of decent size.


There is not really any hiking in the park itself.


The park sits on Budd lake, so there is some fantastic boating opportunities.  There are also spots that you can beach your boat near shore, so you don’t have to put it in and out of the water.


There is a variety of fishing opportunities on Budd Lake.  We were catching Bass and Pike out of our kayak.


There is a really nice beach that is just a short walk from many of the campsites that provides some great swimming opportunities.  The water in Budd Lake was also very clear.


This is nice campground for the kids, because of the nice beach area and playground.  You do need to watch the very small kids that are just learning how to ride there bikes as a couple of the hills in the park may be a little big for them on their bikes.

Overall Comments

Overall, this is a decent family park, especially with the lake and beach being very close.  We prefer to have some hiking trails, and are not big fans of being right on top of your neighboring campsite so it would not be our first pick of places.

Wilson State Park Campground
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