Straits State Park Campground Review


Review of Straits State Park in St. Ignace, Michigan

September 2010 – 1 Night


Our campsite was great. We stayed in campsite 9 which was very private and surrounded by woods. There are also campsites that look out over the lake and give a great view of the Mackinaw Bridge. I was able to get a great shot of the bridge with the lights on late at night. It really is a beautiful thing to see and was worth staying a night at the park just for that view. I can’t give a very detailed review on the park since we pulled in around 11:00 at night and left about 8:00 the next morning as we were just passing thru.

Campsite Spacing

Our site was spaced great. I did notice others in our loops that were quite tight. I think it is probably a mixed bag depending on what site you are on. There were no sites next to us and we had woods on all sides. This is the type of campsite I prefer.

Campsite Quality

Our site was great. It was a gravel back-in site with a really nice fire pit that was nice and high with a thick barrier.


I don’t believe there are any hiking trails in the park.


There is no boating within the park. The park is on Lake Huron which would require a nice size boat that you could put in the water in St. Ignace.


No place to fish directly inside the park.


I really cannot comment on this as we were not there long enough to really find out.

Overall Comments

Being that we were only there for a short night it is hard for me to judge. I will say that the view of the bridge was awesome and we really had a great campsite.

Straits State Park Campground
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