Higgins Lake

South Higgins Lake State Park Campground Review

Higgins Lake

Review of South Higgins Lake State Park Campground in Roscommon, Michigan

July 2012 – 2 Nights


This campground is huge and is very popular. The park feels very packed even with how big it is. Most of the campground has trees scattered throughout. The park itself sits on the south shore of Higgins Lake and has a short beach area along the entire park with some of the best sand and clear water that you can find to swim in. There is also a specified swim area with a nice beach as well. There are day use areas that border the lake with boat ramps and a little protected harbor area. There were many boats moored along the shoreline.

Campsite Spacing

There really isn’t any spacing between the campsites. The campsites all directly border each other outside of a few exceptions at the end of some of the rows. The sites are decent sized but as I said above the campground does feel quite packed. Our campfire pit was only about 15 feet from our neighbors campfire pit.

Campsite Quality

Campsites all consist of electricity, a picnic table and a really nice fire pit. The sites are a mix of grass and dirt depending on the campsite that you end up on. Most campsites seemed to be fairly level, but there definitely are a few that a an RV would require the use of leveling blocks.


There are 3 different trails at South Higgins Lake State Park that cover distances of 2, 3.5 and 5.5 miles. They are across the road and wrap around the south end of Marl Lake. We did not hike them but I imagine they would be some nice hikes. They are not for mountain bikes but only hiking and skiing.


This campground was made for boaters and jet skis. There is plenty of area for boats to be moored along the beach with nice boat ramps in a protected harbor area. There is also parking areas within the campground to leave empty boat trailers.


There are a variety of fish in Higgins Lake. We did a little bit of casual fishing from the kayak out in front of the campground were the water started to drop off and were catching mostly rock bass. We did catch one perch.


This is a nice park for the kids. There are plenty of campground roads to ride bikes and and there is some play equipment near the beach area. The beach is great for the kids to swim since is fairly shallow for quite a ways out and the water is very clear with some of the best sand that you can find.

Overall Comments

If you have a small boat or jet skis, this is a great campground for you to visit. We tend to like campgrounds that are less populated and a little more spread out, so this would not be our first choice of a place to camp. Like I said though if you are in to boating or have jet skis, this would be the place to go.

South Higgins Lake State Park Campground
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