Campground Review

Norris Dam State Park Campground Review

Campground Review

Review of Norris Dam State Park Campground in Norris, Tennessee

November 2011 – 1 Night


The atmosphere of the park as a whole is great. You make a drive up through twisty roads to get to either campground. The campground itself was hard to judge alone. We were actually the only person in the campground and there were deer walking around our camp all night. It may be a different atmosphere if the campground were to be full though. The west campground was at one of the peaks surrounded by woods.

Campsite Spacing

The west campground had fairly good campsite spacing but was mostly open air between sites. The east campground appeared to be packed in pretty tight.

Campsite Quality

Campsite quality was mixed. Each site had a nice picnic table, fire ring w/ cooking grate, electricity, water and asphalt pad. Many of the asphalt pads were very small. We have a 20 ft camper and extended cab pick up with a 6.5ft box and we would not have been able to back into all of the sites. Depending on the site, you may also have a difficult time finding level ground for a tent.


Great trail system to say simply. The trails are well groomed for both hiking and mountain biking. I did have a mountain bike with me but I opted to take the kids on a short hike in the morning before we left. You could probably keep yourself very busy hiking and biking on the trails for a few days.


There is plenty of boating opportunities here. There is a very nice marina near the damn and the lake goes for miles. We didn’t have any type of boat with us but the lake looks conducive to many types of boats from kayaks and canoes to larger power boats.


We did not get a chance to do any fishing but the lake is stocked with many species and there was a bank fishing access point on the way into the west campground.


This was a good campground for the kids. The sites in the west campground were spaced just enough to give the kids room to run around even if there would have been other campers. There was a sand volleyball court that our kids used to play in the sand, since nobody else was in the park. The nice groomed trails made it nice for hiking with small children as well.

Overall Comments

Over all we would visit this park again. I’d like to return and do some more hiking on the trails and definitely do some riding with the mountain bike. I did do about 5 miles in the morning on my road bike, which was some great exercise in the hills. What goes down must go back up. We typically don’t stay at the same park twice, but I would like to return for a few days to further enjoy the trails.

Norris Dam State Park Campground
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