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Johnson Saulk State Park Campground Review

Johnson Saulk

Review of Johnson Saulk State Park Campground in Kewanee, Illinois

September 2009 – 2 Nights


There are two major loops/sections in the park. One loop is in an open prairie field type atmosphere and the other is in the midst of tall pines. We stayed in the tall pines section and really enjoyed the atmosphere of our campsite. There is a short trail from each loop that will take you down to the lake if you’d like to do some shore fishing.

Campsite Spacing

Campsite spacing is quite good regardless of which loop you stay in.

Campsite Quality

Our site was perfectly level, however, I did notice a few sites as we walked around that did require a decent amount of level. Most sites did appear to be fairly level though. Sites were gravel back-in.


There are some hiking trail loops that would probably be quite good for short family hikes. We did not do any of the hikes. Reid was only a month and a half old at the time and we did not have any baby carriers.


We did not have our canoe at the time but it would have been a great little lake to take the canoe or kayak on. There was also boat (canoe, jon boat, paddle boat) rentals at a concession store down by the boat ramp.


There is plenty of areas for bank fishing, outside of getting on the water with some type of boat. We did do a little bank fishing ourselves. We did not catch anything, but I spent most of the time keeping Kyle out of tangles, and casting his line out for him.


Great park for kids. With all the space between the campsites it gives kids plenty of room to play around your campsit,e without running into the camper next door. There is a playground in the middle of the open prairie loop with plenty of open area for kids to run around and play.

Overall Comments

Overall this was a great weekend get away campground. It was about an hour and a half drive for us, and we thought it was a great place for us to go for the weekend. I would definitely recommend it as a place to try out for a weekend if you are within a couple hours and are looking for a new campground to try out.

Johnson Saulk State Park Campground
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