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Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park Campground Review


Review of Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park Campground in Mandan, North Dakota

August 2015 – 2 Nights


Nice open park with many shade trees.  The campground is set along the river, although you cannot see the river from most of the campground.  The hills rise up from the river valley on the other side of the campground.  There are historic sites throughout the park to visit as well.

Campsite Spacing

This is an interesting one…  We found a nice site with a lot of space, but we had to go back and ask for it.  Many of the sites are pull through sites, but most of the pull through sites are for 2 campsites.  This means that they really are not pull through.  One person drives straight in and the other must back in.  The person the pulls in forward, if utilizing a 5th wheel or travel trailer, coincidentally then has a vehicle that is locked in if someone is pulled in on the front half of the pull through.  It seemed quite odd to me.  The first site that they assigned to us was right on top of another site and there were trees on both sides of the drive so that you couldn’t put any slides out or awning.  It seemed like a bit of an after thought and I found it ironic that they assigned us to that site, when the park was mostly empty.  The site we ended up on was pretty nice though.

Campsite Quality

The quality of the sites are quite good, with the exception of the fire pit placement and shore power post.  I have never seen such random and odd placement of some of the fire pits.  The shore power posts on many of the sites were on the opposite side that most trailers have their shore power connection, meaning that you had to run your power cord under your camper and out the awning side to plug in.  Gravel pads for parking all seemed to be quite level.  The sites do all have fire pits with cooking grates and picnic tables.


There are quite a few trails in the park that are shared use.  There is a really nice paved bike trail as well, that connects to town.


There is a river right there and I heard many boats on it.


I would have to assume there is good fishing in the river if you had a boat.


The kids had a great time.  There is a playground, but it was closed because of recent wind storm damage.  The kids enjoyed the historical sites and hiking back and forth on a little trail that ran along the edge of the campsites.

Overall Comments

Aside from the really odd campsite layout and organization, it is a really nice park that I would stop at again on my way through.  Most of the historical sites are all reconstructed and not original, but it is still really neat to see and put yourself back in that time era.

Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park Campground
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