Dinosaur Valley

Dinosaur Valley State Park Campground Review

Dinosaur Valley

Review of Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, Texas

November 2009 – 1 Night


The atmosphere inside the park was nice. The campground was mostly wooded which is the type of camping atmosphere that I enjoy. The park has various areas that you can view dinosaur footprints that have been excavated. We stayed on campsite 41 which was along the path to the restrooms but we still had a lot of space. You can’t miss the large dinosaur statues in the center part of the park. They are a great place for a photo op with the kids. There are various day use areas and overlooks for viewing more dinosaur prints. We also saw deer in one of the day use areas.

Campsite Spacing

Campsite spacing was pretty good. I think there were a few sites that were tight but overall the park seemed to be spacious, and if not, the trees seemed to give some sense of barrier between campsites.

Campsite Quality

Campsite quality was good, however our site did not have much room for putting an awning out and the picnic table and fire pit was out behind the camper. There was a picnic table and a nice fire pit with cooking grate that we cooked some of our Thanksgiving dinner on. Our site was spacious though and like I said the fire pit was a very nice set up.


There are many hiking trails throughout the park. We were only there for one night so we did not get a chance to check them out except one small trail down to the river, which was a nice little trail. I enjoyed the scenery and would imagine that the other trails would be nice hikes as well.


I do not believe there is any boating within the park.


I believe that fishing is allowed in the river, although we did not do any fishing. On our short hike down to the river I did see some bass in the river.


Great park for kids with all of the dinosaur stuff. There is a day use area with playground as well. You just can’t go wrong with kids at a dinosaur theme park.

Overall Comments

I wish we would have planned at least one more night at the park so we could have had another whole day. I really would have liked to hike on some of the other trails and spend some more time at the dinosaur print viewing areas. I thought it was really awesome to see real dinosaur prints that were left in the rock. It really is a lot to rap your mind around the fact that they are dinosaur prints and also the idea that they could still be preserved in their natural state. If you are around the Dallas and Fort Worth area I would recommend checking this park out for a weekend. Even if you don’t have kids I really think you would enjoy the experience.

Dinosaur Valley State Park Campground
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