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Detroit Greenfield RV Park Campground Review

Detroit Greenfield

Review of Detroit Greenfield RV Park Campground in Bellville, Michigan

July 2011 – 7 Nights


The atmosphere inside the campground is ok. There is an East loop and a West loop. The West loop was mostly wooded but felt kind of run down. The East loop had a mix of grassy sites and wooded sites. The grassy sites felt a little more kept up. We stayed in the West loop. There seemed to be quite a few seasonal campers. Most sites are full hook up sites and are tightly packed so you may have your neighbor’s sewer hook up near you. There is a lake but I was told at check-in that I could not take my own canoe or kayak on the lake. They do have rentals available.

Campsite Spacing

Campsite spacing seemed to be very tight outside of a few exceptions.

Campsite Quality

We were not that impressed with the quality of the campsites. They all seemed to be fairly level but the fire ring was a small ring into the ground which is not real conducive to kid safety. Most sites are full hook up and the placement of the hookups can be quite odd. Depending on the site, you could have your neighbors sewer hookup quite close to you which isn’t that pleasant when you are enjoying a meal at your picnic table or hanging around your campfire.


There is a wide trail that loops around the lake. We did not hike or bike it but I believe it is a pretty simple walking path around the lake.


There are rental canoe and kayaks at the facility. I was told at check-in that I could not use my own kayak or canoe on the lake.


We did not do any fishing but I could see small bass and sunfish in the water as I walked near the shoreline.


The kids did have a good time riding their bikes at the park. There is a beach and a playground for the kids as well. There seemed to be a lot of vehicle traffic through the park. In general it did seem to be a good park for kids.

Overall Comments

Over all I prefer parks that have a little more seclusion between the campsites or at least a little more separation. We were not huge fans of the park. We typically could care less about any type of internet connections at parks, but we specifically stayed here because they had advertised internet. We were in the middle of relocating and planned to camp while looking for a new home. This park advertises Wi-fi which we needed while trying to do home searches in the evenings after driving around during the day. The Wi-fi doesn’t work and the people that work at the park even said that it never works and that they have their own wireless cards.

Detroit Greenfield RV Park Campground
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