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Clinton State Park Campground Review


Review of Clinton State Park Campground in Lawrence, Kansas

April 2015 – 3 Nights


This is a massive recreational area with two different large campground loops that sits along Lake Clinton.  It is actually about a three mile drive from the entrance all the way back into the last campground loop and secondary lake access.

Campsite Spacing

Most campsites are spaced out well with plenty of distance between you and your neighbor.  The sites around the outer perimeter are wooded and provide a nice atmosphere, while the sites on the inner loops are wide open and are more of a field atmosphere.

Campsite Quality


Our site was great, but sites throughout the park are mixed.  The RV sites all have gravel pads, but some are completely overgrown with grass.  Our site was mostly level, but I did need to use some leveling blocks on one side.  The sites around the perimeter seem to be more kept up and less overgrown.  They may get more use.  We did have a campfire pit with cooking grate and picnic table.  The fire pits seemed to be randomly placed depending on the campsite.



Over 20 miles of mountain bike trails that are mostly quite advanced and rugged.  I would consider them XC trails, but have quite a few rock gardens to make them quite challenging.  The white trail is definitely more rugged than the blue.  The challenge is that if you ride the entire blue trail, then you either need to ride it back in reverse the eight miles or follow the loop around for another 12 miles of the more rugged white trail.  Outside of that, you would have to ride three miles of pavement back to the trail head.  These are a really nice set of trails if you are into more challenging cross country riding, but they are not for beginners and the rock gardens will work you and your bike over pretty good.

Clinton Lake North Shore Trail System


We did not do any hiking, but the biking trails are dual purpose trails for hiking and would provide some nice hiking as you can see through the trees down to the shoreline.



There is a really big marina on the lake within the park along with another set of boat ramps at the end of the park.  It is a man made lake and from the shoreline at the end of the park, you could see a lot of tree stumps sticking up in the middle of the lake.  I believe the other end of the lake is much more clear.  I can’t comment on whether the lake would be more fishing focused or be good for water sports activities or not.


The lake seems like it would definitely be a lake focused on fishing with all the structure that is potentially provided from a damned up lake with the sunken tree stumps.


We had plenty of room around our campsite for the kids to kick a soccer ball and run around acting like kids.  There was also a playground within our loop for the kids to play on.  The biggest issue I had with this being a good campground for kids, was that people drove extremely fast through the campground.  There was constantly some jacked up trucks driving around hitting the gas that got quite annoying and made me nervous about letting the kids ride their bikes much.

Overall Comments

This park has a lot of potential and seems to have a lot of available activities.  There seemed to be a lot of long term campers that had stuff just laying all over around their campsite, like they had been their for quite some time.  It seemed a bit odd and I couldn’t quite figure it out.  That and the repetitive fast driving around the campground loops got to be quite annoying for such early season and not really a lot of campers.  It made me wonder what it might be like in the peak season.  That being said, I am interested in visiting more campgrounds in Kansas.

Clinton State Park Campground
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