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Bay City State Recreation Area Campground Review

Bay City

Review of Bay City State Recreation Area Campground in Bay City, Michigan

August 2012 – 2 Nights


The campground is nice and has a large day use area across the road. The park does feel busy as you can look out and see other campers across the landscape. The campground was also quite loud at night with many people playing radios very loud right up until 10:00.

Campsite Spacing

The campsites were large, however they were all stacked next to each other with no barrier between sites. You could look out from your campsite and see all kinds of other campers.

Campsite Quality

Campsites all consist of electricity, a picnic table and a really nice fire pit. Most sites were back in grass or dirt covered campsites that were quite large and mostly shaded.


There are a few different trails throughout the Bay City Recreation Area. The day use area has a nice trail that goes around a small lagoon. The trail was actually smooth and wide enough for me to pull the kids in a trailer behind my road bike. There is also a paved bike path that covers a couple miles either direction of the park and is also accessible from the day use area. The other trail is a very nice 3 mile loop that also has a couple viewing towers that look over the lagoon.


There is not any boating opportunity directly from the park. Boaters would need to go outside the park to find boat access to the the Saginaw River or Saginaw Bay.


Not really sure of the fishing opportunities in the lagoon. There was a dock and I suppose you could fish from it if you wanted.


This is a great place to camp with kids if you don’t mind heading across the road to the day use area. The day use recreation area has a monster size playscape/jungle gym and a really nice water play park. There is no pool at the water park area, but it has a bunch of sprinklers and water sprays for the kids to run through and play in. Our kids had a blast.

Overall Comments

The Bay City State Park Campground is overall a really nice park. There is plenty to do for kids and those that like to take short bikes rides and hikes.

Bay City State Recreation Area Campground
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