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I am Steve, a 36 year old family man who loves adventure and exploring the outdoors. I can’t wait for the next adventure to explore a new campground, trail or lake with my wife and kids. I tell people that if I was alive in 1804, people would be talking about Lewis, Clark and Steve in the history books instead of only Lewis and Clark.


I grew up in a family that did a lot of camping. We were “weekend warriors” as my Dad would say. Every Friday in the summer when Dad got home from work, we were packed up and headed to a campground. We did a lot of Salmon and Walleye fishing on Michigan’s Great Lakes.

When I was 16, my Dad packed up the family Oldsmobile with 2 car top carriers and we headed to Alaska with a family of 6. It took us 6 days of driving to get to Veldez, Alaska and then we spent almost 3 weeks road tripping around Alaska before heading home. I think this is the trip that really set the sense of adventure in me. Mom, Dad and 4 of us kids spent a month in a car, sleeping in tents and hiking down new trails together. It seemed like every turn we took there was something new to discover.

I was fortunate enough to go to college, Michigan Tech, in a small town in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I immediately fell in love with the UP and all of its untouched land. To take a break from studying on Sunday afternoons, a few of us would get together and go “Copper Country Cruising”. We would just drive around the Keweenaw Peninsula to see what we could find. I was also lucky enough to meet my wife, a Yooper herself, while attending Michigan Tech.

My wife and I have been married for almost 13 years now. We have 2 boys, 5 and 7 years of age. We went camping a few times before we had the kids and did a little bit of travel, but not a ton. I can’t say exactly why, but when we had the kids, it lit a fire under us. We both started remembering the trips that each of our Dads took us on when we were kids and the great times we had growing up. We wanted to instill those same types of experiences memories in our own kids. We bought a smaller used camper to get us started when our youngest was born and took our first trip when he was 3 weeks old.

Since then, both of our kids have been camping in 16 different states and over 40 different campgrounds. Kyle did his first real hike before he was 2 years old, hiking up to the top of Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg, Texas. Reid has fallen asleep in the nose of a canoe while drinking a bottle. Both boys have learned how to catch fish out of a canoe and through the ice. They talk all the time about all their little adventures and what states they have been to. We sure have had some great memories!


I enjoy telling people about the adventures that my family and I take. I want more people to get outside and enjoy the outdoors with their family. There is something about being cooped up in a tent or small camper with your family or exploring a new trail that brings you closer together. I’d like to think that I could inspire other people to enjoy the outdoors with their family.

If you and your family are already experienced in enjoying the outdoors, I hope that my experiences will challenge you to step out even more. If you are new to the outdoors, or just getting started, I hope that I can be an example to you to take that next step and plan your first trip or adventure.

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