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Visiting Door County

visiting door county

Door County had been on our travel list for a few years, but sitting on the back burner until now. We had spent a couple days in Portage, WI and decided we could fit in a couple days of visiting Door County on our way to the Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan.

visiting door county

Day 1 of Visiting Door County

Lambeau Field, Arriving At Camp and A Quick Bike Ride

visiting door county

We were almost to Door County and decided to surprise the kids with a little detour to check out Lambeau Field in Green Bay. I don’t really follow many sports on TV and quite honestly, usually don’t even know who is in the Super Bowl until the time comes and somebody mentions that the Super Bowl is coming up. However, my 8 year old loves watching sports and was pretty excited to pull into the parking lot of Lambeau Field. The lot was open, so we parked and walked into the entry way quickly to check things out and then walked through the pro shop. The kids thought it was pretty cool, so I am glad we made the short detour to check it out on our way up to Door County.

We arrived at Tranquil Timbers campground around 5:00 pm on a Sunday evening to find a super easy campsite to back into and were set up in just a few minutes. However, 2 sites down looked like a full weekend fraternity party that was just getting ramped up. Luckily we weren’t right next to them.

Anyways, I headed out on my road bike within an hour and Lynn and the boys headed for the pool. I tell you what, I really enjoyed the ride. I found a little connector trail to the the state park, where I rode a loop all the way around the park before finding another little connector to a road that would take me into town. I crossed the bridge in town near the harbors and then rode out of town a few miles to check things out for a ride I was planning for the next day. I was planning a longer ride for the following day and didn’t want to waste time, figuring out my way around town. I was also curious and didn’t feel like sitting around camp either.

By the time I got back from my ride and cleaned up, evening had set in and it was too hot to mess with a campfire. We made some dinner and then settled in for the night. The kids didn’t really want to get to bed as they were all geeked up about the swimming pool, mini-golf, soccer field and pool table at the clubhouse. We usually camp at state parks, so this was all a bit of treat for them. By the way, the fraternity party actually simmered down around quiet hours and didn’t turn out to be as bad as I thought it was ramping up to be.

Day 2 of Visiting Door County

Exploring Door County By Bike and A Campfire

After some coffee and breakfast with Lynn and the kids, I gathered up my bike gear and headed off to explore Door County. I ended up pedaling 94 miles around the Door County Peninsula on my bicycle. I wrote up a full ride report with pictures over on my other site, Endurance Path. There is a link at the bottom of this article to that ride report, incase you are interested.

While I was out, the kids played in the swimming pool, played pool and used the soccer field nets. It sounded like they kept Lynn quite busy with activities. When I got back we jumped in the truck and took a quick drive into town, so I could show the kids the ship building ports and some of the harbor area. We didn’t get out, but I just wanted them to see some of the stuff and we could figure out what we wanted to check out the next day.

visiting door county

We had a nice campfire when we returned… cooked some hot dogs, brats, made s’mores and just enjoyed watching the kids burn up marshmallows. We all headed in for the night to get the kids to sleep and I got my laptop out to work on a few things before going to bed myself. I rarely completely shut down. I think most people see my trips reports and the race reports over on my other site and think we’re just in a lala land of neverending play time, but we are usually busy working on various projects in the background.

Day 3 of Visiting Door County

Boats, A Museum and Driving Door County

Our mornings in the camper as you may have figured out are about the same every day and actually, not that different than when we are at home. It usually involves me waking up first, starting some coffee, making some eggs and grabbing my laptop. I have been working on some mountain bike training plans for my fitness coaching and personal trainer business and I spent a little time on them in the morning before everyone else crawled out of bed.

Today was our family day to find a museum and take a little drive. My bike ride, the previous day was handy, as I saved the family a few miles of driving around because I was able to scope out what they might be interested in seeing or not. We did have some other business to attend to before heading out though. The boys wanted to play some pool in the club house and then go swimming in the pool. Kyle is pretty much on the verge of being able to swim and was able to make it across the pool with a mix of doggy paddling, frantic arm movements and pure will power. I was proud to see him keep trying till he made it.

visiting door county

Our first stop, once we headed out on our little Door County tour, was downtown Sturgeon Bay to check out the tug boats and walk across the bridge in town by the harbor. There were some pretty big boats in the marina, but the kids didn’t find them as interesting as I thought they would. I like the harbors, just because I spent most of my summers boating and hanging out in a harbor town as a kid. I just like the relaxed atmosphere.

visiting door county

After that, we headed for our main stop; the Door County Historical Museum. The kids love museums and this turned out to be a good one. They had old fire trucks, lots of old pictures and local artifacts. The downstairs was a really cool set up with little sections almost set up like a little downtown and each area or building had its own theme. Some was old kitchen tools, old garage or farms tools, black smith stuff, etc… Upstairs had a lot of history about fishing in the area which is always a hit with us.

I didn’t figure we would make any other stops, but we did want to drive out to the end of the Door County Peninsula while we were there. It really wasn’t that far of a drive out to the end. There was a small maritime museum, but we didn’t go in. I did grab a picture of an old fishing boat that was out there and then we drove down by the harbor. There really wasn’t a whole lot out there, but a couple tourist shops and a place to eat. I suppose it would be a nice little stop if you were into the restaurants and tourist type stuff.

visiting door county

We did find a little county park on our way back south that had a great lookout. It was pretty high up, but we could see and hear a bass boat going by down below. It was getting slammed around quite a bit in the waves. It was probably a bit too rough for an actual bass boat on that larger body of water. This lookout point is where we took the family selfie at the top of the article. We eventually made our way back to Sturgeon Bay through the small towns of Ephraim, Fish Creek and Egg Harbor.

We finished the evening off by meeting some really nice people from Idaho by the name of Nicole and Doug that were camping next to us. They were great people and even invited us to visit them and take us white water rafting if we ever made it to Idaho. Just like I really enjoy meeting all the great people around the mountain bike community; I also enjoy the same in the rest of our travels.

I bring this up, because I see people post so much negative stuff about people out there on social media and it drives me nuts. I’ve met a lot of great people and there is a lot of good in this world. If you are not running into good and positive people, then you are just not in the right place physically or mentally, for that matter. Anyways we always seem to run into some really nice people wherever we go.

Day 4 of Visiting Door County

Time To Leave Door County

After some breakfast, coffee and a little bit of computer work in the morning, we packed up and headed for Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.


We enjoyed visiting Door County, even though it wasn’t exactly what I expected. I am not sure what I was expecting anyways. There seems to be quite a bit of camping and hiking, but I could also see it being very busy on the weekends. If you are into wine and like cherries, then you would probably really like a visit here. You can even pick your own cherries on some of the farms. The small harbor towns are nice also if you like to stop into ice cream shops, little pubs and enjoy eating out.

Biking Door County Ride Report

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