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A Quick Visit To The Grand Canyon And Desert View Drive


So there we were on day 5 of our trip, waiting for a phone call from our travel trailer’s frame manufacturer for an update on the arrival time of the service technician.  We were supposed to be at the Grand Canyon on the evening of day 3 and leaving on day 6 to head to a mountain bike race up in Utah.  We got the phone call to find out they wouldn’t be there till Friday morning… again, this whole ordeal will get its own post sometime in the future.

At any rate, I would never make the race, since I had to check in Friday afternoon.  We decided to leave the trailer at the KOA in Holbrook and pack some things in the truck and hotel it for the next few days and continue our journey.  I think we were able to leave the KOA in Holbrook, Arizona by 2:00 pm and were headed for the Grand Canyon.  We were not real sure where we would end up that night, but the Grand Canyon was our first stop and then we would work our way toward St. George, Utah where I needed to be for my race check-in by the next afternoon.


We made it to Grand Canyon National Park with plenty of daylight to walk the rim and enjoy the spectacular scenery of the canyon walls.  It was pretty busy, but we actually found a parking spot right up close.  I think it was toward the end of the day and people may have been starting to leave.  The visitor center was closed and we headed for the Mather Point lookout, which was the closest viewing point of the Grand Canyon from the visitor center where we parked.


I gotta say, the view of the Grand Canyon was spectacular.  It actually takes a few minutes to digest how deep the canyon actually is.  It is not until you start scanning the canyon walls and seeing the canyons within the canyons that you realize how big the Grand Canyon actually is.  When you first look down, you see what initially appears to be the bottom of the canyon.  At closer look, you see more canyons dropping out from what you think is the bottom and that is when you realize how deep the Grand Canyon really is, which is somewhere over a mile at its greatest depth.


We, of course, took some family selfies and had someone else take a picture of us, along with just some random shots of the canyon.  Looking back at the pictures, they really don’t do it any justice at all.  You’ve got to see it in person to really appreciate.  We meandered along the rim path, checking out some more of the overlook points along the way.  We stopped at one where you could hike down to a rocky point and I made my way down to the edge while Lynn and the kids waited for me up on the walking path.


After the rim walk, there wasn’t much more that we were going to do and we needed to start making our way to toward St. George, Utah.  We jumped back in the truck and started heading west on Desert View Drive along the south edge of the Grand Canyon Rim.  This was a nice drive with more lookouts and we saw Elk along the road and back in the woods in a few different spots along the drive.

We did stop off at a couple of the lookouts and I was able to get a nice family photo by setting my iPhone on the tailgate of my truck.  There was another lookout that I got a really cool picture of a neat looking tree with the canyon in the background.  The sun was setting and the light looked really cool.


There is also a pull off called Tusayan Museum and Ruin, but the Museum was closed already.  We did take a quick walk around the ruins, which were very similar to the old Pueblo ruins in Petrified Forest National Park.  It was getting dark at this point, so I didn’t get any good pictures.  I could walk around or see these every day and still be fascinated by them.  It is hard to imagine what life was like then and pictures and books just don’t do it justice, like walking around and seeing in person.  I try to put myself back in time and imagine building one myself and living in it with my family.

We’ve got it pretty easy today in the grand scheme of things.  Our only problems are mostly created by stuff that we own, that quite honestly we could do without.  Back in the times where people were building their homes out of the very earth they were building on, they had real things to worry about like; where their water was coming from, having enough food to eat, having fertile ground to grow fruits and vegetable, etc…  At any rate, I never appreciated history when I was growing up, but I really like to get out and experience it today.  I try to take some time to help the kids understand it as well at the same time.  I hope they appreciate it or at least look back some day and appreciate it in hind sight.

That was about it for our Grand Canyon National Park Tour.  It was getting dark by the time we passed by the Desert View overlook and we made our way out of the park toward St. George, Utah.  We ended up staying in Page, Utah for the night and finishing the drive in the morning.  I was happy to be able to make it to my race and still take the family to the Grand Canyon.  We did have to change our vacation plans for after race, since we had to go back to Holbrook, Arizona to get the camper.  Stay tuned for the following trip reports to see where we ended up next.  Hint, it involves more National Parks…!

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