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Making Plans For Big Adventures And Website Changes In 2016

I haven’t posted anything in quite some time and not sure that the newsletter idea is going to come out yet either, that I had mentioned back a few months ago.  That being said, we are making some big plans for 2016, that will include camping in a handful of new states and visiting more National Parks.  We will end up spending quite a bit of time in the camper this year.  I am still working out all of our plans and of course need to make sure that I can fund the travel, but if all goes well…  You’ll see quite a few trip reports in the blog stream this year.

I am also working on some new ideas to expand this website to provide much better information and reviews of campgrounds and parks that we visit.  I had been struggling on how to appropriately share our adventures and now I think I have a good way to do so.  If you have been to the site recently, you may have noticed a new tab at the top right that says “under construction” and that is me working on a new structure of pages to various reviews and links to trip reports.

In the past, I had written a few trip reports that would cover an entire trip.  In the future, I will probably break those trip reports down to separate posts for each major park, place or point of interested visited on the trip.  This will produce a few more posts, which I am not personally sure I like, however it will make cataloging the information on the site much easier for future readers to find information that they are looking for.  You’ll no longer have to dig through an entire trip report that hits multiple locations to find out about 1 specific place you are interested in.  I’ll try to keep the multiple posts from 1 major trip released in chronological order though, so you can still follow along with our trips.

I’ll also be launching a main landing page for each park or point of interest that will include links out to the campground review, trip reports for that park or point of interest and any other helpful information.  Those pages will also include my personal suggestions for visiting various locations and potential itineraries for your visit, depending on your interests.  I find the National Park website a little cumbersome to get around on once you choose a park and the same thing with most state park websites.  They either have way too much information, making it difficult to find what you are looking for or not nearly enough information to help you plan your visit.  I think I can provide the right amount of information for people to efficiently plan their visit.

These will all be based on our personal experiences and there is a lot of ground that we have not covered, yet…  That being said, we’ve covered a whole lot of ground to this point and have a really good start.  We love adventure and exploring new places, so over time, we’ll be able to stack up some pretty valuable information for people to plan their visits.  Plus, I do a lot of research when I plan a trip to make sure we are going to have the best adventure possible, so although I can’t be everywhere…  I think you’ll find my information, advice and trip itineraries real helpful in looking for a your next family vacation.

I should also mentioned that I will sneak in some old trip reports from time to time in my blog posts of places that we have been in the past, so that I can reference them in these information pages.  I have lots of pictures and have written about many of these trips in posts that don’t exist anymore, because I wrote them the first time I launched this site 4 or 5 years ago and never put them back up on the new site.  Or, I just never finished or published them.  Regardless, I’ll publish them on occasion throughout the year into the normal post feed.

So, stay tuned for our new adventures and updates to the site.  Also, shoot me a message if there is anything specific you would like to see on the site, trip reports, gear reviews and general information.

Thanks for reading!

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