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Outdoor Family Life Monthly Report – September 2015

This will be my last monthly report via blog post.  I am going to change it up a bit for the future and put together a short e-mailed Newsletter of highlights and links for subscribers in place of the monthly reports that I have been posting.  I plan to have the Newsletter in place over the next couple of months.  This will also give me a bit more time to deep dive into a specific topic each month such as gear, cooking, hiking, biking, camping with kids etc…  I think you will get more value out of my time spent on some focused articles instead.  I started this blog up to chronicle my family’s adventures and travels.  I have had a lot of fun with it and look forward to digging in with some more specific topics in the future.  I also think the Newsletter will provide some value to subscribers with a quick monthly place to reference the latest highlights, reviews, links and tips.

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All that being said, here is the usual monthly reports stuff.


We had one camping trip this month.

Nights Spent in the Camper:  2

Campgrounds Visited:  1

States / Provinces Camped In:  1

KOA Campground – Hayward, Wisconsin

Nights:  2

We camped here over the weekend to race in the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival Mountain Bike Race.  We had a great weekend and the kids really enjoy this KOA.  The kids had fun playing mini-golf and bouncing on the huge air bounce pad.


Biking goes with all of our travel since I like to race and check out new trail systems.  The boys also got to get a little bit of trail riding in this month as well.  They have their sights on a bike race themselves next year, so they have been requesting trail rides to practice!

Trail Systems Ridden:  6

States / Provinces Ridden In:  3

Sunrise Prairie Trail – North Branch, Minnesota

We had a real nice family ride here.  The trail is an old railroad bed that is now asphalt for jogging, running and walking.  The kids enjoy going over here and always want to ride further than we did the last time.

Woolly Bike Club Trails – St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin


This is my go-to local trail.  My 6 year old came home from school and said he wanted to go mountain biking on the Woolly Trails.  Who am I to argue with that?  We had a nice evening riding the trails together.

Birkie Ski Trail – Hayward to Cable, Wisconsin

This was the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival race.  The race routed through some of the Birkie trail as it jumped between the gravel back roads and the ski trail.  It was a great race weekend!

Pinckney Recreation Area – Pinckney, Michigan

I had not been on this trail in about 15 years and headed over here for a trail ride with my Dad.  It is much like I remember it and I really enjoyed the ride.  It is funny how much of the trail you can remember once you get going on it.  It is probably one of my favorite trail loops in Lower Michigan.

Island Lakes Recreation Area – Brighton, Michigan

It had been a few years since riding this trail, but it was my old standby trail when I lived in that area.  It is a fairly fast trail to ride with very little elevation changes.  I also rode here with my Dad.

Brighton Recreation Area – Brighton, Michigan


This was my first time riding here and wish I would have been here before.  There are some nice little ups and downs with some challenging hills up loose gravel to keep things interesting.  My Dad had ridden here once and I went over with him to check it out for myself.


Trail Systems Hiked:  1

States / Provinces Hiked In:  1

Wild River State Park – Taylors Falls, Minnesota


The boys and I headed over here for a hike on a Sunday afternoon to get some fresh air.  We actually hiked one of the shared use trails that the horse back riders use and saw quite a few horse back riders.  Part of the trail is the old road that ran north and south up the river that was once traveled by horse and buggy in the early settler years.

Miscellaneous Fun

Fall is here and we were able to pick some apples and grapes from our backyard apple tree and grave vine.  We’ve been dehydrating apple chips and also making some fresh apple pie.  We didn’t have enough grapes to make any wine, but we did make some fresh grape juice to enjoy.




As I mentioned at the top of the post…  This will be the last monthly report and I will transition this to a short Newsletter for subscriber by e-mail over the next couple of months.  There is a place on the right side bar where you can subscribe, or you can also go to my Start Here page where a pop up should appear.

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