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Why I Go Camping With My Family


First, I love the outdoors and surrounding myself with nature. I don’t believe we are made to sit inside on a couch in front of a TV. Sure, I enjoy my electronics i.e. laptop, gps devices, smart phones etc… But, there is no denial that getting out in nature and shutting down feels like the natural place to be. Is there any coincidence that being in “nature” feels “natural”. I find it very ironic that the things we do today for recreation, were the very ways of life and survival for our ancestors years ago.

We started camping when our youngest was 3 weeks old and our oldest a year and a half. We were living in a small subdivision and just felt like we needed to get away on the weekends. As I was growing up, we did a lot of camping and even took a month long road trip to Alaska; camping every night of the trip. I started camping again for really 2 reasons… I wanted to get away from the subdivision on the weekends and I wanted my kids to experience what I did growing up.

Our camping quickly turned into a way for us to explore new places and see the country, instead of just getting away on the weekends. Now, we don’t really do a lot of weekend camping. Camping is just how we travel to new destinations. Instead of getting a hotel for an upcoming mountain bike race, we’ll be camping. We went to Moab, Utah for the kids spring break and wanted to experience the outdoors in Utah, so we camped instead of staying at a hotel in town. You can’t beat the view of the stars in Moab, Utah on a clear night from Dead Horse Point State Park.

My 4 and 6 year old have been camping in 15 different states and over 40 campgrounds. We have hiked up to beautiful overlooks and raging waterfalls. We’ve seen things that many people don’t even get to see pictures of. I, along with my wife and kids are always talking and looking forward to our next trip and what kind of adventure we’d like to take next. We would do it full time if we could figure out a way to make a living doing so. There is a beautiful world out there and I believe I was meant to explore it and experience it with my wife and kids.

Why do you go camping with your family?

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