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Outdoor Family Life January Review

This is my first Outdoor Family Life monthly review, so it might be a little rough.  As I make progress on this site, I will get a better idea of what I want to share each month.  I think it is important that I write up an update from the month to review any new things I learned, stuff I am working on, training activities or events.

Lessons Learned

1)  A bunch of ice houses in one place, does not necessarily mean there are fish in that place.

2)  Pop up ice shelters are no fun to set up in the wind, especially by yourself.

3)  Don’t wait till the new year to start planning trips and vacations for the year.


I had never been ice fishing out on Rush Lake near Rush City, Minnesota and decided to give it a shot.  I went out by myself the first time to check it out and try a few different holes.  I moved around a couple times and finally found a hole that I was pulling Crappie and Perch.  I took Lynn and the boys out the next weekend and we had a riot, catching both Crappie and Perch again.  We went ahead and moved to a couple different spots and eventually found a nice hole with some pretty good sized Perch.  The kids had a ball and it was nice to get out as a family for the day.


I am planning a camping trip out to Moab, Utah for this spring to do some Mountain Biking and Hiking.  We are looking at hauling the camper out with us and camping on some of the BLM or Forest Campgrounds.  I’ve always wanted to mountain bike at Moab so I am really looking forward to it as long as we can pull off the planning in time.  It should be a great trip.  I can do some great mountain biking and take the kids on some great hikes in Arches National Park also.

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