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Outdoor Activity Planning In 2014

I’m really excited about 2014 since we are now settled into our home.  We don’t have to focus on getting moved, even though it feels like we still have a lot to do around the house to finish settling in.  I guess there will always be projects to work on.  I really want to take a road trip this year to do some camping in some new states, hike or bike some new trails and fish some new lakes or streams.  The boys are growing fast and it is getting so much easier to travel with them and become more adventurous.

We are definitely a little late on our planning for 2014 as it kind of snuck up on us, but we are working on some potential trips as I type.


I definitely planned to get more into the ice fishing and have been out a few times already this year.  The boys love it.  We’ve been catching blue gill, sunfish, crappie and perch.  I’d like to get into some walleye and pike, but feel like I’m still learning how to ice fish and sure have enjoyed taking the boys out for the pan fish.

I’m sure we’ll get the canoe out this year.  I do want to get back to a little kayak fishing and will probably hit a couple of the lakes around where we live.  I didn’t do any trout fishing last year, but am itching to give it another go.  The previous year I was teaching the boys how to use a fly rod and I would love to take them fly fishing.  We’ve discussed maybe taking the boys to one of the trout parks in Missouri as a way to get them started.


By all means, we plan to do quite a bit of cycling this year.  As a family, we will mostly be mountain biking as both boys are ready to hit the trails this year.  They have been talking quite a bit about mountain biking with Dad.  I can’t wait to get out and experience the trails with them again.

I will for sure do a couple of races or bicycle tours.  I’m still finalizing my race/tour plans as well, but am focused on long distance endurance events.  I’ve started another blog called Endurance Path at to blog about my endurance training, racing and adventures.


We don’t have any specific big hiking plans on the list for this year yet, but we usually get a few hikes in wherever we go camping.  I’d like to get back up to Minnesota’s North Shore and do some more hiking around the great waterfalls along Lake Superior, but we’ll have to see what fits into our plans for the year.


We would like to take a camping road trip this year, but don’t have it nailed down quite yet.  I am working on a couple of potential road trips.  Some possibilities are a road trip down to Alabama, trip down to Arkansas and Missouri or a trip to the southwest.  I’ll have the options roughed out by the end of January and then nail down a time frame by the end of February.

We will most likely do some camping around some of the endurance racing events that I plan to participate in, along with maybe hitting a few of the local campgrounds here in Minnesota that we have not been to yet.


I just ordered a seed catalog from Seeds of Change so that I can start putting my garden plans together.  I intend to till up a nice section of yard out back to put in a large garden.  We are working at moving our eating habits to as much organic foods as we can and putting in a larger garden is a big part of that plan.


Hunting is also a possibility for this coming fall.  I bow hunted for deere as I was growing up and would like to get back in to it.  This also plays into our plans for eating more organic and natural foods.

I wish we had started planning a little sooner but I’m not going to let that stop me from getting some good plans together for the year.  Maybe you are in the same boat, but just because you haven’t planned anything yet, doesn’t mean you can’t.  Use this time in January to get some ideas together.  Then set a goal for the end of February to get a few outdoor activities on the books for the year.  I personally am a little spontaneous, but I’ve learned that if I have some big  or new things that I would like to do, that I better get them planned or they won’t happen.

I will circle back and keep you filled in on plans as we get them figured out for the year.  I also intend to post articles and report out on some of our adventures as they happen.  You should look to see an ice fishing report coming soon!  What are some of your plans for 2014?


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